Terrible Customer Service - Letter Sent to VP


Thanks to the community for giving me info. Here's the full text of the letter I sent. Will update when I hear back and response.

Ms. Berberich:

I write now, as an almost 20 year Verizon customer, to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the rapidly deteriorating and incompetent Verizon customer service over the past few months.  Since early this year, I've spent the equivalent of a least a day of my life on the phone with Verizon customer service reps, having to call back multiple times to resolve problems that had they been educated and competent and actually done what they promised me to do, would have been resolved in under a few hours.

By way of example, just yesterday, August 31, I received my bill  with charges of over $650. After talking with the Verizon customer service rep, turned out that because of a glitch in your system, Verizon had charged me the $450 difference between the discounted price of an IPhone5 versus the full price, because, according to their records, I had never accepted the terms and conditions when I purchased the phone on or around June 14, 2012. Note that the phone was the second phone I had received from Verizon in June, the first being defective and not receiving signals.

With respect to the phone for which I was now being charged full price, I was quite frustrated to see this charge, because, as I explained to the rep yesterday,  when I purchased the phone over TWO MONTHS ago,  I had spent hours on the phone with a Verizon rep at that time because of the difficulties in accepting said terms and conditions - which, as I am sure you aware,  caused me to not be able to activate and use the phone. After spending time to figure out the technology glitch, I was finally able (with the rep on the phone) to accept the T&Cs and since mid-June 2013 have been using the phone. 

Now, as the rep yesterday explained, almost 2.5 months later, Verizon's systems apparently and incorrectly flagged me as NOT accepting the terms and conditions.  After way too much time on a holiday weekend, and much frustration on my end, the rep was able to reverse the incorrect charge (or so she told me she was doing, immediately).  I then spent another 20 or so minutes while she checked with a supervisor regarding how to provide me with some small apology token, which ended up being 10% of two months bills. As I said to her, it is not a matter of the money but rather, the acknowledgement from Verizon of the aggravation and loss of time I have experienced due to a mistake made on the company's part. The rep yesterday was very pleasant, but friendliness does not substitute for actual helpfulness, competency and expertise. Apparently, she was none of the latter.

Imagine my frustration when I received an updated bill today with only a $40 credit rather than the ~$500 I was expecting (450 phone, plus ~30 in taxes on device, plus discount). I actually have no idea what that $40 represents, since it's not 10% of my bill.

This was really adding insult to injury - on top of having been on the phone for way too much time yesterday, back in late June/early July, I spent HOURS on the phone with multiple representatives while they walked me thru generally erroneous "solutions" to the fact that my phone was registering excessively high data usage, even when I was in a wifi area only. One of your reps actually said "just read the manual" and sent me an electronic copy.

One resourceful and thoughtful rep (I'm sorry I didn't get his name to share with you) finally had me wipe the entire phone and reload all of the software etc. That solved the problem until last week, when I again experienced excessive data usage, despite, being in my home where I use only wifi. The rep who I spoke with (again, I didn't take her name, much to my regret) was very lovely and nice, and when she couldn't figure out the problem, promised me she or a tech person would call me back within 24 hours. She even provided me with a text number to reach her, should I not hear.

I didn't hear back from her, or anyone else. I texted - twice - without response or a phone call. So instead of a solution to my problem, I was forced to turn off the cellular data function, not wanting to expend more energy talking with yet another Verizon representative, who is cloyingly cheerful, but not helpful.

Major customer service fail.  I await your response.

Kathleen >Personal info deleted<

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