After porting out a phone number, how long until service is fully disconnected?



I have a Nationwide FamilyShare plan that supports five lines (and all five are in use). Yesterday I ported one of our phone numbers out to Google Voice, which should result in disconnection of that line, and it currently shows as "suspended". I want to add a new line onto the plan to replace that one, but I wasn't able to do so from Best Buy or from a Verizon Wireless store, apparently because the line isn't actually disconnected yet - just the service is suspended, I guess.

(The backstory is that we had all five lines used, but wanted to add another family member to our plan, so we decided to take one of our family off of the plan and put him on a different plan, but he wanted to keep his phone number and was interested in Google Voice's services. So we ported his number to GV, assuming this would disconnect his line, allowing us to add a new line.)

So my question is, how long does it take after porting out a phone number (to Google Voice or to anywhere else) before your service is fully disconnected? I asked three customer reps and got three different answers (one had no idea, one said 3-5 hours, and one said end of the billing cycle). If the answer is "at the end of the billing cycle", is there any way at all to expedite the process? Our billing cycle doesn't end for almost three weeks and I just don't want to have to wait that long to add a new line for this new family member.

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