"This call may be recorded".....duh ya think?


Yeah, that is what I heard while awaiting the clueless Verizon customer service rep to get on the line.   And they are towing the company line in customer dis-service the the mantra --- "Duh, they gave them the documents they were supposed to give them...."     My response was ---- "I WANT THE NAME OF THE JACKWAGON AT VERIZON THAT ELECTED NOT TO TELL US !!!!!!!!!!!!!"       And I still want that name as we speak and will keep demanding if of Verizon.   

From another post, this link was given with all sorts of names and numbers to call:      http://news.verizonwireless.com/contacts/

Get busy folks, and let's melt their phone lines down.  

A good "corporate citizen" would have done all they could to inform their customer base of this breach of their privacy --- unless they are in bed with B.Hussein.O, which I suspect they are ----- just like the jack-booted thugs at the IRS.    

QUESTION -----  could this be a breach of contract on Verizon's part?   Thus should we not be allowed to close out our accounts without the expected $175 early termination charge?

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