bella850 wrote:

My mom just passed and I went over my minutes and I thought the house phone was in my top ten however it wasn't. so i called verizon to let the know what's going on. and let me remind you i've never went over my minutes and i always pay my bill on time. they girl i talked too told me if i don't cancel and up my plan to $20 extra i wouldn't have to pay any overages not to mention she called a "supervisor" and they said it could be done. i asked about the $89 unlimited plan thinking that might be better but she didn't go into details over it she just kept talking. so before we got off the phone i asked her if i would have to worry about any overages and she said no. and now i get on today and check my account and only some of my overages was credited back. i've talked to 2 reps and a supervisor and all of them are telling me that she put in 50% and there is nothing they can do and they can't refund all of the money back. i never agreed to only 50% and the girl never called back to say it was only 50% she said it would be a full refund. but they are saying that they can not give full refunds. i use to work at zales and when an item is placed in the wrong place and it is advertised as the wrong price, we have to give them the price of the item even if it is a different price and she told me that's what it was going to be even though she only credited me back 50% it should have been all of it. now my bill is 516 and i can't pay that at all not even with a payment plan and the last rep even told me to borrow money. i'm pretty sure it is something they can do about this situation.


it is now a phsyical impossibilty for a representative to issue more than 50% of the overge on a bill.  also, once a credit has been issued there can be no further negotiation of the issue as that is considered resolution met.


i know you had a lot going on in this billing cycle and your wireless service was not at the forefront of your thoughts, but they gave you 50% of your overages back . . . that's a lot more than most companies would do.



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