Re: Too Big to Care... Don't change your phone online

Yes I made the mistake. I did not discover it until later. 2 different Verizon associates told me on the phone that this was an obvious mistake and would be fixed. They agreed with me that the problem was an over-sight and given my concern could understand the issue. It was someone higher up that said too bad we want everyone to drop their old plans for the new ones.

Obviously you do not have children and do not have to worry about traveling to make a living while sick and trying to protect your children at the same time. Customer Service is all about understanding a customer's problems and trying to find ways to help. Other companies make exceptions EVERY DAY for their customers because they care. Years ago when my wife wound up in the hospital while I was away Delta Air understood my situation and regardless of the fact that I was not due to return home for more than a week they got me on a flight that day with no additional charges. They take care of their customers.