Re: Why is my usage showing so high when I canceled my account?


dude,  you're reply didn't make any sense.  sorry for my document not having paragraph breaks but when i was typing it in it wouldn't let me make them.  and as I read your reply again,  it still doesn't make sense.  I was bill for 3 days of usage, and it clearly stated that I used 16g in those three days.  my contract was for 10g a month.  even if they were prorating it for only  3 days worth of usage,  that still would not add up to 16g if I went over the prorated amount. 16g is 16g no matter if they are prorating my bill or not.  Sorry if I snapped at you but I just figured you were a verizon person trying to make me look dumb.

So my 10g a month contract was 80 bucks a month, with 10bucks for each 1g over that.  that makes $140 for 3 days of being online plus the early cancelation fee. That is what they are billing me for. Don't mind paying the early cancelation fee, or even the full month of usage if they don't want to prorate. But my device is simply not capable of such speeds so I have been spoofed or my bill is a complete utter falsehood. Again this is not letting me break into paragraphs sorry for that.  I put up this message to warn others that verizon plays tricks and may steal your money.  I now have DSL 150g a month at $40. Everything is peachy at my house.  Have a Merry Christmas.

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