Why is my usage showing so high when I canceled my account?


Yes I will tell you why - IMPORTANT READ THIS WHOLE DOCUMENT.  I called Verizon to find out how much it would be to cancel my contract ahead of time as I was going to be changing to DSL, as I currently was using one of their little slow data devices that runs at less than a 1mb a sec download speed for $80 a month,  and now that DSL was available in my neighborhood it was only $43 dollars a month for 6mb a sec download,  not only a significant increase in speed but also a savings of half in cost, as we were always going over our 10g limit by a few mbs each month.  So basically we used about 11gs a month,  theirby paying $90 for service.    So I called and told this person I was going to get DSL in a couple weeks,  how much is it going to cost me to cancel my contract early.  He told me and I was satisfied that it wasn't too much,  and I said I will call back when I am ready.   Ok,  here's where it gets interersting.   I called and canceled my service with VERIZON 3 days into my new billing cycle.  They turned the device off that day, and I unplugged it and everything.  That day my DSL was up and running fine.  Then when I get my bill,  expecting only to be billed for the monthly service and the early disconnect fee -  I AM COMPLETELY SHOCKED to find that somehow 16 GIG of data was supposedly downloaded through my little slow device during those 3 days of that billing cycle.  I called them immediately and told them this has to be a mistake the device I have it isn't possible to download that much data in 3 days.  They won't budge.  I owe it.  So after all this time with verizon,  about 3 and 1/2 years using 11g a month a paying for it with no problem,  the moment I decide to leave I suddenly am able to download 16g in 3 days?  If the dang thing worked that well I probably never would have even looked for another internet option!!!  As I try to explain that it is physically impossible, and they won't budge,  I suddenly realize what has happened.  I've been SPOOFED.  Someone at Verizon,  when I called the first time telling them I would be canceling in a few days,  spoofed my account (as they have the equipment and know how to do it.  Being a former computer network engineer I have the know how but not the equipment as I am now retired and on pension.)  Yes so someone who worked at Verizon spoofed my account, knowing I was leaving...  got some free internet usage on my dime...   BEWARE EVERYONE WHO USES VERIZON  This could happen to you. I intend to spread my suspicions of this until someone at verizon decides to wave those extra 6g as it's not possible for the device I had to download that much in only 3 days.  

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