Re: Verizon's lack of flexibility shows they don't value their customers


I understand that view point, however, as I laid out several other factors in my email that should probably be considered. Flexibility for the greater good of the financial relationship I have with Verizon would be better served by working out a deal that was acceptable for both sides. I clearly understand the contract that I signed, the intent of that contract and the underlying economics of the contract from both my perspective and from Verizon's perspective. My understanding includes ETFs and why they are part of the contract.

It's pretty simple like you said, they decided to collect $40 more dollars in revenue and I more than likely will find another service provider that might provide the "flexibility" I so desire. As a note, this would not had even come up if I wasn't solicited to upgrade early for the phone I speak of. I am not trying to pull one over on this company. I asked for a concession on their part by terminating 1 add-on line ($10) on my already substantial monthly bill four months early.