Verizon's lack of flexibility shows they don't value their customers


Facts -

I have three phones on my plan, two of which are smart phones with data plans.  The third is a extra phone that I had given to my in-laws for safety.   The third phone is a extremely basic phone and cost $9.99 month for basic service and no texting (of my typically $170 phone bill) to have on my account.  The contract expires in July 2013 on this third phone.   My in-laws recently lost the phone, and no longer want to use the phone anymore.  Thus, for  months I have paid the bill regardless that it doesn't exists anymore.   Recently, I was asked to go ahead and upgrade the phone, which Verizon would absolutely do in a heart beat even though the contract is not up until July 2013.   Not having use for this extra line, I said I didn't want to upgrade but I would like to cancel the line.  I was told that would cost me $150 to "early" terminate my contract (four months early).  I understand that I signed a contract but for the following reasons I thought they would waive any such fee:

1. I've been a paying customer for more than 15 years.

2. I still have multiple phones on the account that run over $150 month

3. The amount of the monthly revenue they will be losing is $9.99 month for 4 months (yep, $40.00).

4. I no longer have the phone and it has not been used for several  months.  

When speaking to a customer service manager who was condescending and unwilling to listen or to be empathic to my situation, I was told the following things that i believe  to be untrue:

1. The system won't allow for these types of transactions.

2. I was told the retail value of  this basic cell phone was over well over $150 which I doubt is true.  You should see this phone, it looks like something you get in the cracker jack box.  

3. That it was my fault for signing the contract in the first place, which was really insulting.

I understand all of these points and my point back to here is that due to my continue relationship with the company, it seems to me like cutting me a break in terminating my contract four months early would help make me happy and they would also retain the rest of my business.   She wanted no parts of that, however, she did offer to upgrade me AGAIN, which was rather insulting.   I'm seriously considering leaving verizon for another company.   The fact that some are offering to pay out contract to get your business will also factor into my decision.  

At a minimum, if  customer service was flexible, they would have offered to make the early termination fee equal to the four months ($40) that I was ending my contract early, which I would have paid in order to not have to call again in 4 months to make the cancellation.   That way, I would not have to pay the 4 dollars a month  in taxes and fees that they charge on top of the service component of the bill for a phone that no longer exists.  


One Bent Verizon Customer

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