Re: Rep told me I can't exchange a Droid RAZR for an iPhone?
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Creegsly wrote:

Upgraded to a Droid RAZR 7 days ago, which is within the 14 day return period. Found out it's not really for me. I go to exchange it for an iPhone and the rep told me that it is impossible to exchange an Android phone for an iPhone because "We get paid differently through Apple than other manufacturers" Exact quote. This feels like ** to me. No where in the exchange policy does it state anything remotely similar. What gives?

I have all the receipts/original packaging/cables.

The phone itself is in no way damaged or malfunctioning.

Go back to ask for the manager then, and if he doesn't allow it, go above their head. As others have said, you might have to pay a restocking fee and the difference between the cost of the phones if there is any, but you should be able to.