Unable to Change number


I just recently added 2 new accounts with phone # transfer from Metro PCS.

The 1st account was transferred no problem but the 2nd account could not make outgoing calls only incoming calls. We called Verizon spent 3 hrs getting to the correct person and getting it figured out, a verizon rep assured us it was taken care of and to give it 24 hrs. We waited and the next day his phone # was changed to another number completely. We called again spent another 3-4 hrs on the phone and again the rep said the port was successful and we would need to wait for a text at which point we would take the sim card out and put it back in. We never received a text message and no phone# was transferred after being told for a 3 time that it was completed.

I can not spend anymore time getting this number ported and need some one to reach out and make this happen or we will need to transfer our account to another provider.