Re: How much do you hate Verizon Wireless?


4starcashier wrote:

I'm sorry, but I hate Verizon Wireless!  Why? Hate is such a strong word.  Have I been displeased with them? Sure, especially when they SOLD my account to AT&T. Have I felt that they give me the coverage I need?  Definitely.

1.  They charge OUTRAGEOUS prices for their data that's overloaded and unreliable.  There are weak spot with every carrier.

2. They claim they have sufficient 3G coverage, but in reality it's spotty and bounces between 2G and 3G so much that you can't use your data or mobile hotspot consistently.  The coverage can also depend on the landscape around you.  Trees are great signal reducers.

3. They claim they have the best coverage around for talking, but cuts out for roaming in two separate places on my way to work (25 mile journey).  Again that depends on where you are at.  I see Omaha below.  There is an area south of Council Bluffs that Verizon doesn't have the spectrum for 3G there. They have starting covering it with 4G though.  I have only seen roaming around Omaha on the Nebraska side when they were converting the Alltel towers to Verizon SIDs.  When was the last time you updated your PRL?

4. They lie on their coverage maps, and show no shades of signal strength like the other carriers do.  So?  How do you know how accurate the other guys' maps are? If you have an Android phone, download the Sensorly map.  It show the signal strength.

I see someone with Verizon Wireless and I scoff at them, "You have Verizon Wireless?  What the F--- for?"...ESPECIALLY if they live in a city where T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T are readily available.  I am speaking mostly of residents in the Omaha, Nebraska area who do not know anything else BUT Verizon.  THERE ARE OTHER CARRIERS OUT THERE!  USE THEM, PLEASE!  YOU WILL RECEIVE BETTER SERVICE!  T-Mobile might have some coverage here, but it mostly centered around the universities in Midtown (UNO and Creighton). They don't have any stores here unless you count the Best Buy stores.  Otherwise you will be roaming on AT&T in the city or Viaero Wireless at 2G speeds. Sprint works for the city and some areas outside, but any further and you are dropped to 1x or roaming on either Verizon or US Cellular.  If you are staying in the city all the time then AT&T will work.  Just not expect it to work at major sporting events (Husker games or CWS, etc.) or 2 miles outside of the city limits or it will drop like a rock to 2G and you will likely be also roaming on Viaero.  You won't know that you are roaming that to the way AT&T programs their SIM cards.  If you roam enough and use enoungh data while roaming you will get a letter from AT&T stating such and you better quit roaming or they will drop you.  I have seen it happen.

If I could, I would picket in front of Verizon Wireless stores telling people to choose another carrier and claim how bad their service is.

I only have Verizon Wireless (me and my boyfriend PROUDLY use Sprint) because it's the only national carrier of choice (U.S. Cellular is only regional) that CLAIMS to work well in my hometown, and my dad, brother and his girlfriend use the phones.  When the contract expires, I'm soooo outta there!  Because I would rather have a carrier that roams in my town of residence than to have Verizon Wireless.  Verizon sickens me to no end.  I use Verizon because they do cover the areas I travel which includes the Omaha metro area and much of eastern Nebraska.  I have tried AT&T thanks to the Alltel merger into Verizon.  I will never look at them again as a possible carrier.  Compared to what I have with Verizon, AT&T is years behind.  I have friends with Sprint and they are fairly happy with their coverage, but they have noted some service issues outside of the main coverage area.

Keep in mind that I'm only speaking on behalf of their coverage, NOT their customer service associates...because out of all the hate and anger I have with Verizon Wireless, the customer service associates are kind and courteous...I just wanted to clear that up.  My beef has nothing to do with them.

Does anyone else agree?  I hope some people do...

I chose Verizon (formerly AirTouch) as my carrier of choice 12 years ago because they were the only ones to have coverage along my 9 hour travel path between Colorado and eastern Nebraska.  I have never regretted that choice.  They might be more expensive, but I pay it to get the coverage I need.

I'm most definitely NOT a VZW employee. If a post answered your question, please mark it as the answer.