How much do you hate Verizon Wireless?


I'm sorry, but I hate Verizon Wireless!  Why?

1.  They charge OUTRAGEOUS prices for their data that's overloaded and unreliable.

2. They claim they have sufficient 3G coverage, but in reality it's spotty and bounces between 2G and 3G so much that you can't use your data or mobile hotspot consistently.

3. They claim they have the best coverage around for talking, but cuts out for roaming in two separate places on my way to work (25 mile journey).

4. They lie on their coverage maps, and show no shades of signal strength like the other carriers do.

I see someone with Verizon Wireless and I scoff at them, "You have Verizon Wireless?  What the F--- for?"...ESPECIALLY if they live in a city where T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T are readily available.  I am speaking mostly of residents in the Omaha, Nebraska area who do not know anything else BUT Verizon.  THERE ARE OTHER CARRIERS OUT THERE!  USE THEM, PLEASE!  YOU WILL RECEIVE BETTER SERVICE!

If I could, I would picket in front of Verizon Wireless stores telling people to choose another carrier and claim how bad their service is.

I only have Verizon Wireless (me and my boyfriend PROUDLY use Sprint) because it's the only national carrier of choice (U.S. Cellular is only regional) that CLAIMS to work well in my hometown, and my dad, brother and his girlfriend use the phones.  When the contract expires, I'm soooo outta there!  Because I would rather have a carrier that roams in my town of residence than to have Verizon Wireless.  Verizon sickens me to no end.

Keep in mind that I'm only speaking on behalf of their coverage, NOT their customer service associates...because out of all the hate and anger I have with Verizon Wireless, the customer service associates are kind and courteous...I just wanted to clear that up.  My beef has nothing to do with them.

Does anyone else agree?  I hope some people do...

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