Terrible Reception at Research/Union in Colorado Springs

We have lived in this area for 10 years and the reception has been terrible at this intersection. Calls drop whenver you approach this area. We moved 2 years ago within our same neighborhood, but closer to the intersection and have zero coverage in our new home. I have to pay for solid wifi coverage so that we can use wifi calling otherwise we cannot make phone calls. Having been a customer over 15 years we were willing to wait out the fix. Verizon told me in 2017 that there are 4 towers in this immediate area and that is why we have poor coverage, but no worries as infrastructure development is on its way -- well guess what, going into 2020 it is as bad or worse than ever.....finally at the point of considering leaving Verizon as all my Sprint and AT&T friends have full bars in our neighborhood........Anyone else in the Research/Union area of Colorado Springs that are frustrated with Verizon reception issues?

FYI--We have Iphone 10 and 11's all updated so please don't reply and say it is an issue with my phone or update or wall structure in my house ---- the reception has been poor with iPhone 6's until now and once I leave my neighborhood then reception is great......unfortunately, when on an important phone call and driving home I have to pull into the elementary school to finish my call knowing it will drop if I proceed home -- crazy!

Who can get this fixed?