Re: Scam: voicemail - account suspended


Scam Voicemail Call Scam

I alos got this call with a recording,    under medical family stress right now and did not realize.. it was from "voicemail" I have gotten pre recorded calls from Vzw before.

1 month ago my card # was hacked from a gas station, so new card was gotten and thought I had forgotten to update my VZW accoungt to pay.

Well I messed up the pooch and gave my card # number up not realizing till I asked for the total billed, they hung up on me. They also asked me if I recieved text msg from them, I did. But the texts (3) were asking about reseting the password and alll the Https went to a verizon web page.. What the heck?? 

I did not use this link from my phone but thru my computer. 

SOOO now call bank, get new card, change PW, inform VZW, etc...