2G/3G being snuffed out 1 Jan 2020 to make way for 4G LTE causing many problems.


Discontinuidad de la red CDMA

Mientras terminamos nuestra transición a las redes 4G y 5G, nosotros en Verizon deseamos mantenerte al día con cierta información importante.

Estamos trasladando todos los dispositivos a nuestra red LTE de voz HD, que ofrece una cobertura y un rendimiento superiores en comparación con la generación anterior.  A partir del 1 de enero de 2020, Verizon ya no permitirá ninguna transacción con dispositivos CDMA (3G y 4G sin voz HD).

My Letter to Verizon

Verizon Wireless


P.O. Box 291089

Colombia South Carolina 29229                                                            8-23-19


A corporate oversight is about to cost Verizon thousands of dollars annually and countless prepaid customers.  Customers will be forced to switch to other cellular providers as Verizon streamlines into a virtually smartphone only option as it moves forward with the upgrade to 4G LTE.  Phasing out of 2G/3G phones and services will in essence phase out the customers that either can't afford or dislikes smartphones.  My cell is 3G and Verizon will stop serving it in 2020 which is right around the corner.

     Many consumers that are fed up with contracts, smart phones plagued by poor battery performance and the cumbersome task of going thru screen after screen to perform simple communications task and will be fleeing from Verizon's rolls by the thousands.  And, it all has the appearance of a well thought out plan by Verizon decision makers. If getting rid of the Prepaid Sector of the operation was the goal then it is definitely going to work!  

     Take me for instance, I have three separate Verizon Accounts paying for three different prepaid phones. The methodology doesn't reward me for this, but I'm a loyal customer and have tolerated the harassment and disappointment until now.  What harassment you ask?  Prepaid has its own Customer Service (CS) section where you'll be late for work waiting on someone to answer. There is a chat option if you are logged in, but there's a horrendous wait there as well.  When a CS tech does respond they are usually handling more than one customer simultaneously.  It appears there is a time limit not to be exceeded that's driving their actions and not the issues of the "paying Customer".

  Anyway, back to my three phones. My preferred phone is the LG Cosmos slider. I've had it for five years; it's taken a beating, still works, doesn't do data,  but has the 3G curse.  Next, is the Samsung S7 Smart phone, the "sissy phone" that sets on my desk an does the data. Has to stay on the desk cause if you look at it hard the screen protector cracks (like the one that's on it right now).   Third is the Samsung Slider Smart phone that I provide for a family member; simple to use and they like it.  That's about to change because we'll have to learn to use another phone now; Verizon is not user friendly and doesn't reciprocate loyalty back to its customers.   

Now, after wasting my time calling and chatting with several CS Techs it's apparent that the preferred path to 4G LTE is to sign a Verizon contract, buy a new phone from them and hope that it works satisfactorily.  If it doesn't then you'll have to take a lot of time out of your busy schedule to deal with the CS Techs. 

Back to my dilemma, the Prepaid section on the Verizon website has 36 phones to choose from and they are all Smart phones except for one flip phone. And yes, there are more phone options "in the contract phone section". 

     There is no way to determine if the "Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)" program is a viable option.  When asking about BYOD the first question from the CS Tech is "What's the IME#?"  News flash, ya have to by the phone to get the IME#.  As much money as Verizon has made off its customers one would think they would provide a list of acceptable (non-Smartphone devices) or something to the multitude of customers they're about to lose to make this a seamless transition to the 4G LTE platform, but that didn't happen.

     As for folks like me looking to upgrade now to be ready for the transition only to find that one does not exist, we, in the Verizon Prepaid Hemisphere have limited options.  1) signing a contract which is not an option; 2) Going with one of the competing cellular companies that offer Prepaid; 3) Getting a Tracfone or 4) Going back to a landline. Looks like we've gone full circle. Folks left the land line, because a cell phone was cheaper, now we'll go back to it because a Smartphone cost much, much more…

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