Re: Winegard Connect 2.0  WF-435


I can confirm that I did manage to get the Winegard working on Verizon, albeit with countless hours on 2nd lien and 3rd line support and making a trip to a Verizon store to get a replacement SIM !

My setup was 3 phones which I ported over from AT&T plus one data sim for the Winegard.
Unfortunately when the service was first activated, the phones went smoothly but the data sim was activated as a Verizon Jetpack in their system as Winegard wasnt available as a compatible device.
It was semi active in that I managed to get service intermitently but each night it would be blocked and resulted in me calling Verizon - like 15 times over the course of 3 weeks.

The process was as follows:

1. updated the latest system software and modem firmware on the Winegard to enable the "change provider" action to take place.

2.. Winegard had not been setup in Verizons product catalogue / database. I managed to find a 2nd line team to fill in a new product form and submit this to have the Winegard WF-435 added ( c.4 weeks ago now).

2. the orignal Verizon SIM that I had in the WInegard was caught in an incomplete activation state as the Verizon systems did not recognise it. Each night, a sweeping process takes place to block things on the network which dont look right - and my sim was being blocked or reset. The only expedient way to break the cycle was to go to a Verizon retail store and pickup a new SIM, switch it out int he Winegard and provide the new sim ID and the WF-435 IMEI to Verizon again to have it re-activated.  

These steps enabled a complete activation cycle on the Verizon network and we havnt had any nightly resets/ or blocking. The tech support verified that it was activated completely. It stills shows up as a Jetpack in My Verizon app but then under that label Winegard WF435 is shown. 

I hope that helps as I know how frustrating and time consuming this can be.

best of luck