Haven’t received credit for phone after adding a line.


In October of last year I upgraded two iPhones. The salesperson told us there was a promotion for a free iPhone or $700 credit if we add a line. We asked if it had to be done immediately, and we were told no, as long as it is completed within the promotion period. The following week, still within the promotion period, I went back and added the line. I was told we would receive a monthly credit for the phone, but it may mot appear for a month or so. Here it is almost 10 months later and I'm still fighting to get my credit. I have been in touch with the salesperson at least four times and each time I am told that it has been "escalated" and will show up on my next statement. I have yet to receive any credit. 

I currently have 7 phone lines and an iPad. I pay an extraordinary amount each month and I am very disappointed that I haven't received the promotion I was promised. Wouldn't have added the line if I wasn't getting the phone for free. 

I’m wondering if another cell provider would appreciate my business more than Verizon. 

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