Extremely slow data speed at Wright Patterson AFB


We took a pole and everyone says the same thing Verizon is terrible when it comes to internet connection on your phone if you work at Wright Patterson AFB in Dayton Ohio.  It works fine off base but as soon as you drive through the gate the reception drops to unusable levels. 

I listen a audiobooks while I work and if one ends and another is not ready a book that would take me 3 min to download over 4G off base takes between 4 and 8 hours on base.

I hear from Sprint and AT&T customers that their phones work fine and they can do things like watch youtube.  I am amazed at this as my wife can't even send me a picture through facebook messager.

It has been 2 years and service is only getting worse.  This month I started getting a no internet connection message when trying to do simple google searches.

I just ran a speed test from my phone sitting at my desk and the results are pathetic.  Several times the speed test website wouldn't load or faild half way through due to loss of connection.  The two times it did complete the test I got  65 ms latency .34 mbps down and .20 mbps up... the second was 47 ms latency .13 mbps down and .16 mbps up...  really?

These tests were within 5 min of each other.  This is unacceptable I spend too much time at work to have this bad of service on my phone.  WiFi is not an option on base my phone needs to work!