Re: Wireless Priority Service for First Responder


Allow me to welcome you to the runaround!  I've been dealing with this garbage for 2-months.  I think the final answer I got was, Wireless Priority Service only provided priority calling, however, Verizon adds priority data to WPS users.  But, then you look at MBP and it also states priority data and priority calling.  In one of the SEVERAL emails from Verizon reps, I was told that WPS is a higher priority......not sure if that's for voice only or also for data.  I will say that I was at an annual event this past weekend and I had absolutely no LTE data, even with the WPS and supposed data priority on my line.  The phone said LTE and had full signal, it was just a completely saturated network.  I thought the whole point of priority data is so we'd as responders would be put in front of other users.  I inquired with the government services side of Verizon (they are the ones who added the priority features to my account), but they responded saying they only add the features, they don't troubleshoot issues, and told me to call the general customer service, I did just that, I called the general customer service number and they had no clue what I was talking about.  It's typically not a service offered to consumers, but recently they have opened up these features to consumer plans since most of us first responders aren't on a company phone plan.  Calling the general 800-922-0204 will pretty much get you nowhere.  Try 1-877-262-2950.  Keep me posted what you figure out and I'll do the same!

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