Wireless Priority Service for First Responder


I'm a First Responder with questions about Wireless Priority Service (WPS).  I've read almost everything that Verizon posed on the web about the serivce, and I'm still not sure of the answer to my question.

I know WPS provides priority call services across networks (Verizon and someone else).  But does WPS also provide data priority while on the Verizon network?  That answer isn't clear to me.

I'm trying to pick between Mobile Broadband Priority (MBP) and WPS.  I understand the benefits of MBP and I understand the phone benefits of WPS.  However, I don't understand if I get data prioritzation benefits with the WPS service.

I've talked to Verizon reps and I've gotten answers that WPS priority includes data and that WPS priority doesn't include data.  Which one is right?