Re: Verizon Needs to Implement Anti-Robo-Caller

#1 - I don't think you really understood my post, and the answer that I had handed to the forum.   Verizon needs to put on it's thinking cap and get after the problem.   I maintain that they could correct most of these robo calls within their own network without customers having to do a thing.  Doesn't that sound wonderful?   A TRUE solution to the problem?   How come you just sent me a Stock/Canned response rather than running this idea up the flagpole to the telephony engineers within verizon as a possiblity to be examined further?  Handing customers lame-duck ineffectual long-trip-around-the-barn workarounds is the absolute death of organizations.  It's been years, and there's been ZERO progress on Verizon's side and it's a drop-dead-simple solution if they would only Open up their eyes, ears, minds.   Remember the most effective way to stop the robocalls is to just cancel your Verizon accounts and that is an ever-present option, especially if another carrier beats you to the punch on this.    

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