Re: why is Verizon charging me for a phone that i already returned

Verizon Employee

We are so sad to hear that you are being charged for a phone that you shipped back to us, JAYZEN99. We want to help.

We can certainly have that cost credited back, once the phone you sent in is received by our warehouse. We apologize that we do not have a record of Shipping labels we provide, since they are pre-purchased in bulk from the shippers, we do not have the Tracking numbers recorded. We must rely on our customers keeping that information so if a shipping issue does occur, we could then track the package with the shipper.

Also, hearing that you dropped off the package at a pickup box instead of having UPS check in the package, limits what we could do within our investigation process. Since it was dropped off in a pickup box and since there is no tracking number, we can only wait for your package to be received at our warehouse from the shipper.


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