why is Verizon charging me for a phone that i already returned


after dealing with a defective device  for a couple weeks  i went into the store and they confirmed it was  defective and that it was still under warranty and  i paid the extra  fee  $30.00 i think to get it expedited next day delivery. i received the  package  and with it was  very  exact  directions  and a prepaid  return shipping  label  i follow all the directions to the letter placing my return address on it and covering  all the  original shipping label and dropped it in a  ups  pickup box  but now  they are charging me  $ 750.00  for an unreturned device they say they  haven't received and  has not been returned to me  due to some sort  of address issue or what ever heres the  kicker  they say i need to provide  a receipt for  shipping  and a tracking number  to prove i shipped it  but there is no recipt cause  the prepaid label  was  made by them  not purchased by me  and refuse to reverse the 750.00 charge on my account

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