Re: Single device plans hotspot

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Hi klang123, if you have a smartphone with Verizon. It likely includes unlimited talk and text nation wide in the USA, with a data plan. The data plan is not provided as a ISP (internet service provider) would. And the smartphone with settings as a personal hotspot is not meant to become a sole use for internet. With that said.

If you perhaps were a subscriber to Xfinity that is a major ISP. You could then go WIFI on a smartphone using your Xfinity account, and use hotspots everywhere, with unlimited bandwith and speed.

Xfinity on the East coast, and Cox communications on the West coast are major ISP providers. Possibly Verizon with FIOS in some states has become a major force as a ISP. So you're unlikely to use any smartphone at this time with any major wireless carrier, and depend on that alone to provide you with a incredible data ISP experience at this time. It's likely to change.

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