Re: Why won't Verizon Block Spoofed (Fake) Caller ID ?


I've read the article that robocaller's days are numbered, and from I can tell, this is still a call blocking application. Am I correct?

If so, then I reiterate - if the same spammer calls my phone with a different caller ID every time, I will spend the better part of my day blocking one spoofed caller ID after another. I've given up using the iPhone call blocking and apps such as Truecaller since the spammers (or should I say their software) change their caller ID faster than I can block them. It's a lost cause.

If I'm mistaken about Verizon's plan to kill robocalling, then I apologize and as an engineer I would love to hear more about the TECHNOLOGY Verizon plans to use to keep my phone from ringing with illegal calls.

Thanks for hanging in there.