Will Verizon buy out a Sprint contract?


I've been with Sprint waiting for them to roll-out 4G service in my area for years. Unfortunately Sprint invested heavily in an outdated 4G technology they've since abandoned. So, if I remain with them I'll have to wait at least another two years for 4G. This would be like remaining on dial-up for years when you had access to DSL or cable for slightly more (after my employer discount I'm looking at a negligible cost difference between Sprint and Verizon).

My problem: Sprint is doing everything in their power to deny an early contract termination or offer some kind of compensation. I have just over four months left in the contract. I was wondering if anyone successfully had Verizon buy out a competitor's contract to entice a transfer of service?

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Re: Will Verizon buy out a Sprint contract?

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Well as four Buying it out i would say No!  But you can however at the time that your Contract Expires an goes month to Month you could then Transfer your Phone No. As Verizon can Port it Over. Now if you could Buy out your contract Meaning pay the Early Term Fee you could Do it Now..But since you have just 4 months to Go i would wait as Verizon will be introducing some More smart Phones. Just 3 weeks ago they stated an it was put in a article on droid-Life that there smart phones they were going to Build for the Last 3 Quarters of the Year were going to be 4G only Phones an the I phone 5 will probably come out in September or October..