Re: BOGO add line question

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glitchedpixel wrote:

Which has the coverage of a network held together by gum given its the leftovers of Sprint and T-Mobile.

And US Cellular

glitchedpixel wrote:

I've had them before..

I've had them before, too, and did not have any problem with their coverage or speed. It wasn't much different than with Verizon and their international rates are FAR superior which is why I had them when I needed a phone for 6 months overseas. I didn't keep them because I didn't feel like paying $10 for every GB I used(including overseas usage) vs the $78 I was paying for 15 GB with Verizon. Unfortunately, my daughters insist on having iPhones which prevent me from switching back to Project Fi even though they have unlimited data now with their "bill protection".

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