Declining poor reception



This is a two-part question.

First, reception on my property (zip code 75568, rural area) has gone from decent signal (LTE) about one year ago to no signal or limited 3G now. This is outside of my home in the driveway or surrounding area. Lots of dropped calls, sometimes a VM doesn't come thru for an hour or so, etc. I switched over to the unlimited plan a while back, does that have something to do with it? I am still on an iphone 5, does that have something to do with it? Please help!

Second, My house is metal roof and outside walls are metal. What can I do to get ANY (very, very limited if any at all) reception inside my home? Of course, I'm still in the mindset that I have service outside. If in fact there is a booster out there to help, which one?!

Would like to know what tower I'm coming off of.

Also, No internet service or wifi at home. Just cell service....

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