Re: What is Smartphone line access and why do I have to pay it?

Líder Sénior

Cherubb wrote:

"Our shared plans do have an access fee." I have this fee on a single line. So what's your excuse there? I pay a plan fee with data and also this line access fee. You claim it's for shared plans but again mine is not shared. Estafas

While they said "shared plans do have an access fee", they DIDN'T say "individual plans DON'T have an access fee", that is something you appear to have assumed.

Having a line access fee is simply the pricing structure Verizon has chosen to use. Why should someone with 5 lines and an 8 GB data allowance be paying the same amount to Verizon as someone with 1 line and an 8 GB data allowance. It doesn't make sense that a family with 5 lines should be paying the same amount as an individual with 1 line. The line access fee is one way around this inequity. Another way would be to have a sliding scale for the data tiers depending on how many people you have on your account like Verizon does with unlimited data.