Re: Why is the signal in my house suddenly getting worse?


Zip is 77968, I can put my address in your website to view coverage and it shows EXCELLENT 4G coverage at my address. My house is suddenly a dead zone yet I can walk right out my back door and have one bar. No construction in the area, no new buildings that went up. I walked through all the trouble shooting steps last night via vzw on fb to no avail. Still sitting with NO SERVICE on 4 devices this morning. I want to understand how as a customer I am supposed to know that I am in a variable coverage area when the entire area where I am at on Verizon's coverage map is completely red. I never would've went with a carrier with that type of coverage, the map is either incorrect of extremely misleading and its extremely frustrating to be told that wifi calling is now our solution because verizon refuses to send anyone out to investigate.

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