Re: 2 lines on 1 phone


Jacob770 wrote:


I will consider me the winner of finding the best solution if you need 2 lines on 1 cell phone..


Message Edited by Jacob770 on 06-10-2009 05:13 p.m.

Again Jacob . . . you do NOT have "two lines ON one phone".   This is the second time you've insisted that you do.   Clearly, you either don't understand what you have or you're trying to insist that you actually have this when you in fact do not.   You have ONE line and ONE MEID/ESN number ON that line.   It is simply a third party answering service that ROUTES a call from another number set up for you with them . . . to your ONE line phone.


Calling it "two lines ON one phone" will cause other members to think they can "text" on it . . . they cannot.   It will cause other members to think they can dial an emergency number like the critical "911" on it . . . they cannot!   It will cause other members to think they're getting a separate detailed bill for that line . . . they cannot.


Things like this have been around for a while.   As I have said, it can be convenient but there are serious limitations as well and we do a disservice to members by insisting that they are getting "two lines ON one phone" when clearly they are not . . . and you know they're not.   It can be a good service but let's honestly call it what it is and not what it isn't.    Many members have asked for "two lines ON one phone" and Verizon will routinely say no because they want one number for one MEID/ESN.   So my final message to other members is to simply do your homework before you believe this is "two lines ON one phone" . . . it is not.