Premium texts?


I am being billed 9.99 for a premium text on my daughters phone and also for megabyte usages. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between a regular text and a premium text and also how is she using megabytes without knowing it?

She swears she's not surfing the net.

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Re: Premium texts?

Líder Sénior

Premium texts are subscription type text messages - weather updates, sports scores, joke a day, etc. You can read more on them here.

You may be getting MB charges by browsing for ringtones, or music, accidentally hitting get it now or music store and the phone tries to connect.  Even if you cancel right away it still uses MB's.


What to do:  When one of the texts comes in from the "premium" subscription, you can reply to it with STOP or whatever it tells you to do in the message.  Verizon can credit you the $9.99 charge, but it may take some convincing.  (Be polite, they may tell you to contact the company originating the charge, and you can google to find out who the short code on your bill belongs to.)


For the MB charges, if you are NOT using the internet for anything, you can block web access, block downloads (through your MyVerizon account online), and change the shortcut keys on your phone to avoid accidentally connecting.  The only way to totally ensure no MB charges is a National Access Block, but that will block picture text messaging as well.