Picture messaging included in texting plan?

So I understand that I am on the Mobile to Mobile plan with 500 additional messages. I know I have unlimited Verizon texting but does that also include picture messaging? Same for the extra 500 messages, is picture messaging included in that as well? On my Verizon Overview it shows that I have "500 Text and Pix-Flix" but I just want to make sure that I am allowed to send picture messages and it not charge my account.
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Re: Picture messaging included in texting plan?

 yes its included in both
Verizon Wireless

500 messages PLUS Unlimited Mobile to Mobile MessagingFor only $10 Monthly Access, you can get Unlimited Text, Picture, and Video Messages to any other Verizon Wireless customer from within the National Enhanced Services Rate & Coverage Area.  PLUS get 500 Additional messages.*

Verifica si tus amigos y familiares son parte de la red de Verizon Wireless.

*Se aplica cuando se intercambian mensajes instantáneos, alertas de texto, emails y mensajes de texto, mensajes de foto y video con clientes de otras compañías de telefonía móvil.

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