Re: storing numbers from texts
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lsmith123 wrote:

we had alltel before they changet to verizon, and they did not keep a list of the numbers that you texted or vice versa..even on the online bill.  why does verizon do this?  i think these are a lot more private than phone numbers that you call.  i was trying to set up a suprise birthday party for my boyfriend and did not realize they stored these on the online bill and he found them and it ruined the party!  i purposly did not call everyone so that it would not (or so i though) show up either on the bill or online.  i really think verizon should review their policy of keeping a list of text numbers.  is there a way to opt out of that online service?  thanks

I am glad we have the option to do this and would not a like a service that didn't do this as sometimes I need to go back and check a number I texted or something.   As said delete your online account if you don't want anyone to have access.  Mary