Picture/Video Messaging Charges Clarification


I have the Nationwide Select plan, which by its description includes unlimited text, picture and video messages.  However, I know for a fact that when pictures or videos are sent over cell phone networks, data is sent and received.  Is there a data charge associated with picture and video messaging not covered by the Nationwide Select plan?  Do I get charged on a per Kb or Mb basis when sending pictures or videos?  ¡Gracias!

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Re: Picture/Video Messaging Charges Clarification

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There is not an additional charge for sending/receiving picture/video messages if you have the Select plan. Yes, MMS does use the EVDO network, but all the transport is covered by your messaging plan. So you should not see any additional charge for MMS messages.


In case you were wondering, or might wonder in the future; the same also applies to your Mobile IM use.

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