Re: Message+ Windows PC app still Broken


WHAT A SHAME  ON VERIZON! ! it has been over 6 months since they took down and stopped their PC message+ app and NOTHING!! 10's of discussions on this topic with 100's of comments from customers who pay high rates for verizon service to be well served are complaining about this issue and NOTHING!! no updates, no estimate for a new release and they just let us wait! we need back the option of texting using the comfort of a computer keaboard and there is no reason in the world that it should take such a long time! Verizon has the ability to get this done within weeks and now after over an half year we are still at the same point because NOBODY CARES! they are focusing on things that they could use for advertising and to build themselves like 5G but we the customers are left behind! PLEASE PLEASE VERIZON we are all waiting to see this service back ASAP! Dont respond with some lovely message how you love your customers or something like that, just take action and do whats in your hand to get this message where it has to get, i dont think that the CEO or some other executive are reading this posts so they really dont care about us, but at least whoever in the Verizon team does read it please make sure it gets somewhere and maybe we should try to send emails to everyone possible they should wake up and take care of it, Thank You!