Horrible Service Experience and Rude Customer Service Represenitives over the Phone and Horrible delay in Response Time


So it seems im not the only person who has experienced issues whith the horrible rude customer services represenitives on the phone. Verizon used to be a wonderful company they have great service overall comparied to other carriers, the chat service people are friendly and kinda try to help but over the phone forget it. I have been promissed by so many verizon represenitives lately that they would ark my concerns up and have the verizon review team get in touch with me in a day i still havent spoken to anyone in the review team regarding my concerns about my services and possible being able to help other people who could be in my situation or a worse situation. I find it completely outragious that verizon just shuts off peoples phone lines with out trying to help people or under stand their situations considering verizon has a program for low in come people which is only offered to people in certian states i brought this to many represenitives attentions and was told by many that even they felt that the review team should contact me asap and they should come up with a better solution for everyone who is low income or cant afford high payments with verizon you used to be locked into a two year contract. Well guess what thats no longer the case. Represenitives have promised me that they would make sure this got taken care and that i would get a response promptly they have told me not to make payments untill i speak to the review team and then i find it ignorant that they like to go shut lines off its a joke that a company this big will give out phones to programs for people who get state assistance and qualify for free phones. I have had many represenitives through chat agree with me that verizon needs to offer single parents, low income familys, and people who dont qualify for free phone programs deals to help those people i have been waiting for a response for almost a month now and keep getting dicked around by verizon. Its sad that this company doesnt care about their clients its all about taking peoples money they could care less if you are getting a divorce and going to court, lose your job, in college and not working, or what ever situation your going through this company just wants your money they want to offer all these deals and great service but dont realize that their customers arent all making big bucks. Sorry if my post affends anyone but seriously as clients and loyal customers we arent all the same and everyone goes through situations and as a hole we should stand together and fight for more options to help everyone.