Re: Message Plus not syncing with windows 10


I welcome any members, with more insight into the logic of the Verizon Messages app FAILURES, to scrutinize my logic and provide any constructive criticism possible.

I've rerun my test cases with my collection of devices/apps.

I may be mistaken, but I consider my devices to be running a "client" app for the Verizon Messages function and that each one communicates with the "Verizon servers".

I've reconfirmed all my results are exactly as I've (previously) tabulated in my spreedsheet matrix (attached).
Still no changes, since FAILURES started about 19 July 2019 (in my case).

Verizon servers receive from all Verizon client apps (evidence = Web Page).

Verizon servers always send out to the destination number [BlackBerry Z30].

Verizon servers sync back all received Windows client messages to all other Windows clients, but NOT to any Android/iOS clients.

Verizon servers sync back all received Android/iOS client messages to all other Android/iOS clients, but NOT to any Windows clients.

FALSE: "The Message+ Verizon Messages - Windows Desktop application is not compatible with Windows 10 computers."
Works just fine, IF the source was a Windows client!

FALSE: "The Windows messaging client for Verizon messages is being temporarily removed"
My Windows clients work just fine (through the Verizon servers, WHEN the message came from one of the other Windows messaging clients).
Verizon Messages is still offered in the Microsoft Store in Windows 10.
What has been "removed"?

In my theory or theoretical model, the Verizon Messages SERVER has been BROKEN by something. Verizon? Microsoft? Global warming??

Verizon Messages failure matrix_f.png