Re: Message plus not working on Computer


Today, Friday, August 16, 2019,

I Disconnected then uninstalled the Verizon Messages app from my Windows 10 desktop computer (P9X79), rebooted, and reinstalled it from the Microsoft Store, then re-Connected it to my Primary cell phone number.

As Johnmav (Member) posted on 08-16-2019 02:39 PM:
"... the messages did populate (although it happened very slowly)".

I then ran my send/receive/sync tests again.

I remain disappointed to find that the Verizon Messages app still FAILED/FAILS to sync any messages, NOT from the Verizon Messages apps on my other Windows 7/10 computers, subsequent to the last successfully synced messages on 7/19 (7/19/2019) shown here:


P9X79 2019-08-16_a.png


The following confirms the same results in the Verizon Message+ app on my Windows 7 desktop computer (P6T-DELUXE-V2):


P6T-DELUXE-V2 2019-08-16_b.png


By contrast, for comparison, the web browser based Verizon Messages page shows ALL messages associated with my primary cell number, including the most recent successfully synced messages on 8/13 (8/13/2019) shown here:


Web 2019-08-16_a.png


My previous post, Wednesday, August 14, 2019 08:43 PM, "The Windows apps now FAIL to sync to Verizon Messages on their web page" has corrected itself (or maybe just completed populating "although it happened very slowly"?).

Reviewing all 8 of my available devices/browsers, I have confirmed there has been NO CHANGE to the SUCCESS/FAILURE results as tabulated in my original spreadsheet matrix (current status shown here):


Verizon Messages failure matrix_f.png

jafauske (Member)

CC to verizonmessages, at, verizonwireless, dot, com as an email,

as directed by @melissap_vzw Community Manager @vzw_customer_support

Open the Message+ app.

Click Menu > Settings > Account.