Re: Message plus not working on Computer

My devices quit syncing yesterday.

Samsung Note 9

Lenovo Flex 5 Laptop

iPad Mini 4th gen

Asus R5 laptop

There were a few other laptops as well (My Lenovo is my carry laptop, and I keep others at work/home that I use on a regular basis - I generally will use two computers at once depending on what's going on) but the ones I listed above are my "Go-To" daily devices.

I see the issues started with many of you weeks ago; and like all of you, I tried uninstalling, removing computers/devices from my account/adding them back on.  No Joy.

I've had issues in the past, but generally was able to circument it by changing the router/AP I was logged on to (I work in the hotel industry, and each hotel has several networks to tag, depending on if you're a guest, employee, management, security, IT, etc).  This latest issue has affected all connections, from home, work, and the different hotels I address.  Like many of you who depend on messaging for work, the issue is a real downer - I do prefer to text from my computer, as some days the volume of messages I receive allows me to address them quicker from a device with a keyboard.  This capability is what won me over more than any other benefit that the other providers offered - and I've come to depend on it.  For me, text messaging addresses money, employee concerns, scheduling, and emergencies.

Does Verizon not care about their customers?  In some of these threads regarding this issue, having each new rep constantly asking the same question or giving the same advice gives an illusion that they don't.   For many of you, this has been a concern that has spanned weeks.  Either fix the issue, or tell us that you're discontinuing the service so we can move on and find other vendors that CAN provide us a suitable service, and quit blowing smoke.