Re: Message plus not working on Computer


I can appreciate how busy we all are and how little time we have to spend on something we should NOT have to worry about.

I am sincerely glad when a Member posts that their Messages "works" and equally disappointed when another Member posts that their Messages "stopped working".

What I struggle with is how little insight we can discover, from such short/simple posts, about the failures some of us are still having.

My passion for (obsession with?) software that works well, gets fired up by "bugs" that need solving and motivates me to gather as much detail as I can to help the responsible people fix them.

Sadly, I have not found any posts from @vzw_customer_support people who seem even slightly "technically responsible".

A nice "pat on the head" here, an "I'm so sorry" there. Emotional "cheerleading". Let's all feel good.

Nothing wrong with trying to sooth our frustrations, but what we need is problem solving.
I'd prefer to go to a psychiatrist for Emotional Support and come here for Support getting my devices working like Verizon advertises them and the web brags about.
OK... so that went on way too long.
But I'd like to provide some of my methods to help other Members provide some more useful details to Verizon. At least, for those Members who can afford the time it often takes.
For those of you still eager, it gets "complicated" and tedious:
Verizon offered SMS Messaging methods, currently available for:
- Android devices ("Verizon Messages" app, Version 6.8.8, updated Jul 30, 2019)
- Apple devices ("Message+" app, version 3.2.1, iPad/iPhone)
- Windows 7 ("Message+" app, version, 2015?)
- Windows 10 ("Verizon Messages" app, version, Microsoft Store, Release date 5/5/2015)
- Verizon Messages in a Browser Web Page
My environment:

My devices (Devices registered with integrated messaging services):
- Samsung Galaxy S9+, Android PIE, ver 9, my Primary Device/cell phone number[1]
- Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, Android PIE, ver 9
- Apple iPad Air (first-generation 2013), iOS 12.4
- P6T-DELUXE-V2, Windows 7
- P9X79, Windows 10 Pro, Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.267)
- Dell_XPS_15_JAF, Windows 10 Home, Version 1903 (OS Build 18362.267)

My devices (NOT registered with Verizon integrated messaging services):
- BlackBerry Z30, BB10 OS, v10.3.3.3216, my "different" cell phone number[2]

- Verizon Messages, in a Browser Web Page (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox)
Send an SMS text message:
- To: the cell phone number[1] of our primary Verizon device
- From: a different cell phone number[2] (for me, that is my BlackBerry Z30)
Confirm that the SMS text message is received by each device in turn.
- Reply to successfully received SMS text message from each device in turn.
- Send an SMS text message
-- From: each device that did NOT receive first message
-- To: cell phone number[2].
Verizon Messages in a Browser Web Page
- If requested, Sign in to your Verizon Account.

- You will get to the "Verizon Messages" webpage.
- Here you can confirm that all/some/none of the SMS text messages sent to/from your Primary cell phone number/device were "registered"/"received" by the "Verizon messaging services".

- Click the 3 bars (left end of red bar, below "Verizon Messages") and select "Settings".
- Select 4th list item "Manage Devices".
- This will show a list of your "Devices registered with integrated messaging services".