Re: Message Plus not syncing with windows 10


It seems this is happening to a ton of people and Verizon is doing nothing to correct this.

Like others, this started happening about the 1st Week of July for me.

I have a Samsung Galaxy 9 Note

I'm on Version of Message+ on my Windows 10 laptop

It's a Dell with 500GB and 32GB RAM

(Both devices loaded with memory and no problems)


Same problem ... worked fine (mostly) on both devices for a year, and I have been using message+ for well over 2 years (including a different phone)

All of a sudden, it quit syncing ... period, and JUST LIKE everyone else here.

This is a VERIZON Problem, not a user problem.


Please ELEVATE and FIX the problem!  I used this tool constantly for business when I am in meetings!  My ATT friends have no such issues with theirs.