Re: Verizon Message+ deleted my conversation!

Asistencia al cliente

Seeing how much pertinent information is stored in our text message conversations, I can see why you would have been shocked to wake up to this news. I am eager to investigate deeper. What changes have you made to your phone recently? Are any other messaging applications impacted? What model phone do you have?

In order to get the best insight into what was being backed up, please take look in your Verizon Cloud app and take a screenshot of your current settings: Cloud app> click on the 3 bars in the top left corner> scroll down to Settings. In addition, I understand that you are using the Verizon Messaging application on your PC. Instead, please login through your My Verizon and see what is located there. You can follow the steps similar to printing messages here: Instead of "print conversation", please click on the export conversation option. If the texts were not backed up, then it will give you the option to export the last 90 days.