Verizon Message+ deleted my conversation!


I did not do this.  All but my locked messages for one particular conversation are deleted.  I am very unhappy about this!  There is no way I did it, it would require responding to a confirmation prompt.  And there is nobody else with access to my phone. 

I am pretty sure Verizon will be useless about acknowledging that they were deleted due to some glitch.  Nor do I expect they'll offer any hope of recovering them. But if anybody knows differently please let me know!

What's worse is that while (since they decided it was no longer free) I've been paying the $5/month for 500GB of Cloud data, for messages Verizon apparently decided that saving only 90 days worth is sufficient.  What!!!  I pay for 500GB of data and I'm only using 1.5GB!!!  What's the point of paying for backup storage and then not backing stuff up!!!

Yeah, I should have been backing up my important conversations offline myself, unfortunately I haven't done so in a couple of years.  My only hope seems to be that the Verizon Message+ PC program has all the messages (well except the ones it misses, the sync is really flakey) back to almost my last backup.  I'd still have lost about 4 months worth.  However I cannot find any way to do a "Save Messages" or "Save Conversations" from that app. It says it's Version, I installed it from the Microsoft Store.  Anybody know of any way to create the .vzm file and .parts directories from what is apparently save someplace on my computer?