Re: Issues with Verizon Message App on Andriod Wear Oreo


Did the Messages for Wear by AppFour app allow you to view texts and get text alerts from Verizon Messages? So far, I have been able to sideload the app onto my watch (using ADB instructions I found online). I've gotten Verizon Messages onto my watch, but when I open it, the screen just goes white and never actually opens the app. Then, it just reverts back to my watch face. I'm thinking that I have to change the app version to something older, like from June 2017 and load that to my watch. (If that doesn't work, maybe I would have to download an older version on my phone - which I'm not sure how to do, yet.) What do you all think about this?

Does Informer Wear show you actual texts from Verizon Messages on your watch?

(I am using an LG Watch Urbane.)