Re: Message + App, Still Not Campatible with Android Smartwatches

Community Manager
Community Manager

JOG0277, I completely understand wanting to get an update as to the future of the Integrated Calling ability in Message+. I'm the same way, wishing for as much information as I can get. Right now the calling feature is still disabled, as we are working on resolving technical issues the feature had and ensure our customers have a good experience using the service. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing, and are actively working to make this feature available again at some point in the future. Once more information on the feature is available, we'll be sure to share it.


As you can imagine, we want to ensure that technology and features we're offering can work as best as possible. Sometimes, this results in us taking more time to get it right. We appreciate your patience while we're working on this so that we can make it better.



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