Re: Issues with Verizon Message App on Andriod Wear Oreo


I have no issue using Verizon Messages (Message+) on a ASUS ZenWatch 2. The installation method of Message+ on the watch is a bit unusual, but once installed you can send and receive texts on your watch (at least until VZ breaks it again)! In case it matters I am using VS Messages: Last updated Apr 19, 2019.

To install VZ Messages (Message+) on the watch you have to follow these steps:

  1. Using the Play Store (under My apps & games -> INSTALLED), select and uninstall VZ Messages from you phone (and uninstall Message+from you watch if it's installed, but not working). Note: This only uninstalls the latest VZ Message update from your phone, it does not completely remove VZ Messages, which is fine (You will not lose any text messages and/or contacts)!
  2. Next I restarted both the phone and watch, just to clear memory, but that is optional (it does not hurt though)!
  3. On both the phone and watch goto the Play Store, and on your phone select VZ Messages, you should have an UPDATE button. Click this UPDATE button. Immediatly switch to your watch which should already be in the Play Store, swipe down (aka scroll up), to the TOP of the Play Store until you see the Home screen, on that screen select the center icon (head+shoulders, account icon) that brings you to the Accounts screen. Select the account you already use for the Play Store, this refreshes the Play Store list on the watch. You are put back into the Play Store app list,  scroll down to "Apps on your phone" you will have the Message+ entry with a download icon! Of course select the download icon! (Note: Yes you are doing all this while the update is downloading/installing on you phone, because the option to install Message+ on you watch is only shown while your phones VZ Messages app is being updated!)  Put he watch aside for now.
  4. Let the phone VZ messages update completed and next Open/Start VZ Messages, you get a couple setup/introduction screens you have to go thru before you get the "Services Starting" message. Let these services start (they are needed to complete the watch setup later)! Once you get to the VZ Messages home screen you should have the list of all your contacts and message history. Put the phone aside.
  5. On your watch, let the Message+ install complete, then (VZ Messages is all setup on your phone, right?) start the Message+ watch app. You'll get an empty Message+ screen on your watch, and then a couple of popups requesting access to SMS/Contacts/...  Approve/Allow this access on your watch and once that is complete Message+ should start showing you the same screen as VZ Messages shows on your phone!

You did it, Message+ is working on your watch!