Contacts in Messages on Windows


I will start my own thread on this since none of the others appear to be getting much traction... 

I am using Verizon Messages app on Windows 10. My contacts do not appear in the app's "Contacts" tab, and the from field in all my messages in the app are numbers, not contact names.

How do I get the Verizon Messages app on Windows 10 to import my contacts? 

FWIW I use a Verizon Note 9, and therein the Message+ app correctly displays my contact names. The problem is with the Windows Messages app, as well as on the Verizon Messages web portal (it shows numbers, not names). From the web portal, when I click on Manage Contacts it takes me to Verizon Cloud.

Please do not ask me to upload them to the Verizon Cloud as a solution, unless you can suggest a free (as in $) way to do so. 

EDIT: I see now there is a free contacts-only option for Verizon Cloud. I will try this and report back whether uploading my contacts to the VC solves this problem for me. (Even though it apparently did not for so many others..)

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