Re: Message+ Windows PC app still Broken


Alberto, if you can access the open trouble ticket I referenced, you will see the problem I am having.  I have explained it at least 4 times to VZ Techs each time I contact you to see if there is a fix yet.  Basically, the Windows app only allows me to send messages and not receive them.  The only messages I can receive are on my iPhone and Android tablet.  Messaging all worked fine, including on PC app, for years up until early January when the PC app quit working.  Please note that the problem is with the PC Windows app, not the VZ web based texting site.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled the Windows app at least 20 times, uninstalled and reinstalled from all my devises, had VZ Tech Support completely remove Integrated Messaging from my account and start from scratch like I never had Message+, re-set my router, removed all firewalls, connected to internet via VZ Wireless hotspot off my iPhone, removed all Windows updates back to December.  I do not have another PC that I can use to test from.  I'm out of options.